For more than 30 years,
Terry McSweeney,
has brought his unique blend of magic and comedy to audiences across Australia.

At the start

Growing up watching Australian magic and T.V. legends, Parer the Magician & Ian Buckland, I was hooked on magic and Aged-12_greyscaleafter my first big show, a school talent show when I was 9 yo and I've been on-stage ever since. Though, not always as a magician!
My decision to turn full-time as a professional magician was in 1984 after a performance that was part of the magic exhibition at Victorin Arts Centre's Performing Arts Museum.
Since then I've perfomed thousands of shows for a very wide range of audiences. From corporate dinners, to large outdoor festivals, to intimate parties in private homes.


“A consummate all-round entertainer, Terry has never failed to delight audiences in what-ever capacity or location.”
Daryl Kee - Retail Manager Mirvac Property Trust

Some of the highlights along the way include;

  • Co-wrote and performed in the first ever kids’ show for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.
  • Opening act artists like Errol Brown (Hot Chocolate) and The Village People.
  • Opened Crown Casino.
  • The first magician to perform for the population of Nauru.
  • The first magician to officially perform in the middle of the Bass Strait (on a ferry!)
  • Re-created Houdini's daring and near-fatal milk can escape for Melbourne Central.
  • Predicted the winners of the first Melbourne F1 Grand Prix.
  • and Numerous appearances on TV and radio including an appearance on Neighbours!


“Terry is proving magic can still surprise and delight audiences.” David King – Herald Sun Newspaper

Here are some of the friends I’ve had the privilege to have met and served along the way…